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20 YEAR RETROSPECTIVE: The 10 Best of 1997

In a new annual series, Every Movie Has a Lesson is going to look back twenty years to revisit, relearn, and reexamine a year of cinema history to share favorites, lists, and experiences from the films of that year.  Twenty years ago, I graduated high school in 1997 and the movie milestones matched the personal ones for me.  Here's my list of the best of 1997.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Interstellar

MY 300TH REVIEW: Like all truly ambitious science fiction of the highest order, "Interstellar" pushes the limits for personal interpretation of both the science and the fiction.  Both genre elements are wildly heightened to a bold and epic scale to address the internal opposites between logic and spectacle, science and sentiment, and brains and emotion.  Each of those ideals have their soaring high points and matching low points across the board in "Interstellar."  It all comes down to your taste, which makes "Interstellar" easily the most polarizing film of the year.  You will either love it to the core or hate it to the bone with very little room for a middle ground.

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