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MOVIE CLASSROOM: It Comes at Night

The new film from Trey Edward Shults needs to be scene to be believed.  There is hype and highmindedness beyond the horror film marketing of It Comes at Night.  That said, it will scratch many heads at the same time.  Here is my newest YouTube "Movie Classroom" video review using the ShowMe iPad app and iMovie.  Enjoy!

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MOVIE REVIEW: It Comes at Night

Take the title of the film whatever way you wish, be it literally with the lurking threats of nightfall in this landscape or figuratively with the visions and nightmares one has while alone with their thoughts before sleeping.  It Comes at Night is tightly comprised of excruciating moral challenges that escalate with time.

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51st Chicago International Film Festival U.S. Indies special presentation

Much of the resisted maturation journey playing out for the title character in Josh Mond's "James White" feels petulant and half-hearted, much like the character himself.  We learn that effort is by design because he is a character that needs fixing.  The only way James White can mature is through bottoming out and finding emotion in places other than himself.  "James White" is a difficult and unflinching look at both terminal illness and wasting one's life on selfish excesses. 

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