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MOVIE REVIEW: Our Souls at Night

Even from a different generation than the present day, you can’t get more Hollywood than Robert Redford and Jane Fonda.  Both are emeritus stars of Tinseltown royalty on multiple levels, respected and celebrated as award-winning performers, icons of style, sex symbols, and vigilant political personas off-screen.  To see the two of them together again, for the fifth time and the first time in 38 years in Our Souls at Night, is a revitalizing treat unto itself, but to see their shared film be staunchly non-Hollywood in stature is even more refreshing.

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MOVIE REVIEW: The Hateful Eight

It is time to go on record and add another label to the colorful list to describe filmmaker Quentin Tarantino: "acquired taste."  Even with his recent success, the auteur's excessive and aestheticized indulgences are catching up to him.  Each subsequent film of his may be getting more popular, but they are not getting better and "The Hateful Eight" hammers that point home.  Swelled to either a 167-minute straight cut or a 187-minute opus complete with overture and intermission, Tarantino's newest film doesn't know when to quit.  It just goes and dies, literally and figuratively.

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OSCAR PREDICTIONS 2014: The male acting awards

It's time to make my formal predictions.  In this sixth post, we are deep into the major award categories.  Here are my picks for Best Supporting Actor and Best Actor.  Stick with me and I will win you your Oscar pool.  Let's go!

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