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There is extreme thematic and visceral content in mother! that will rattle even the toughest souls.  Metaphorical imagery and symbolism are everywhere, and the number of literal and figurative interpretations of what is implicitly or explicitly transpiring can kill as many brain cells as it multiplies.  The film begs endless questioning. Surviving and absorbing the film becomes a maddening experience.  In the end, what is evident to celebrate is also categorically impossible to fully condone.

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The buzzing North Carolina public within the film Logan Lucky dub the central robbery a “hillbilly heist” and an “Ocean’s 7-11” perpetrated by “redneck robbers” and “Hee Haw heroes.”  With diegetic puns like those being thrown around, how could you not be entertained by Steven Soderbergh’s first feature film in four years?  It’s almost an invitation to pile on.  How does “clodhopper caper” sound?  What about “Podunk pilfering” or “backwoods buffoonery?”  I’ll settle for “hayseed hijinks.”  

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