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COLUMN: Who will win/should win the 2015 Golden Globes?

More and more each year, the Golden Globes have become more an a popularity contest than a true precursor to the Academy Awards.  What you're watching on TV is a party thrown by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association in an effort to be loved and share some love.  To its credit, the awards show still garners legitimate attention and ratings.  The winners do get a pretty positive rub and the marketers gain a few more "Winner of..." graphics to put in the newspapers next to their films.  Let's take a look at the film categories and pick some winners.

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COLUMN: 2014 Holiday Movie Preview

 The holiday movie season of November and December is what really starts and decides the Oscar race every year and this year's schedule of films is no different.  There are some real contenders here looking to make people forget about "Birdman" and "Gone Girl."  Let's see what happens.  Here is my complete "Holiday Movie Preview" for 2014.  Enjoy! 

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CHECKLIST: 2014 Holiday Movie Calendar

Here is the master calendar for the upcoming holiday movie season releases for November and December of 2014.  Be sure to check ahead at theaters because release dates shift all the time.  Print this out, pin it, or put it on the fridge for the next two months.  Enjoy your holidays and enjoy these movies!

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