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COLUMN: The 10 Best Films of 2017

The end of the year brings grading and reflection points for both the school teacher in me and the film critic.  Looking at the online Trapper Keeper portfolio called Every Movie has a Lesson, I published 126 full film reviews in 2017, topping last year’s 114 and setting a new high mark.  Here’s my definitive list of the "10 Best" films of 2017.  True to this website’s specialty, each film will be paired with its best life lesson.  Enjoy!

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MEDIA APPEARANCE: Discussing July and the top films of 2017 on the "Reel Talker" podcast

Fellow CIFCC critic and director Jim Alexander of Reel Talker extended the invitation for me to co-host a new episode of his podcast.  On this installment of the Reel Talker podcast, Jim and I discuss the July movie releases and which we consider hits or flops.  Also, he and I disclose our Top 10 movie lists through the halfway point of 2017.  Jim and I had very different picks, chock full of surprises!

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EDITORIAL: The Best of 2017 (so far)

I'm beginning to love making this annual halfway point list.  For me, 2017 has been a year for immense volume.  Since January, I've reviewed 64 films, 58 of which were 2017 releases and not carryovers from a late 2016 awards season.  Thanks to some film festival and advance press access, you can add 16 short films and four more feature films pending the windows to publish reviews. True to my website's hook, I present each film with its best life lesson from my review.

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