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Wonder Woman is a movie worth standing up and cheering for.  Here is my interactive whiteboard "Movie Classroom" film review for the summer blockbuster.  Please like and subscribe to my work on the Every Movie Has a Lesson YouTube channel.  SIDENOTE APOLOGY: My mispronunciations are terrible. I'll be looking at myself in a mirror for a week saying Themyscira, Themyscira, Themyscira... hoping to summon Greek Beetlejuice...

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MOVIE REVIEW: Wonder Woman

The three-part noun definition of “wonder” can be summarized as “a cause of astonishment, the quality of excited admiration, or rapt attention at something awesomely mysterious or new to one’s experience.”  Used as an adjective in a proper name, the word could not be more fitting of Princess Diana of Themyscira, better known as Wonder Woman.  Whether it represents a cog in a larger universe, a historical watershed for women’s leadership, or the answered prayers of long-suffering fans and idolizing dreamers, Wonder Woman is a valiant, momentous, and satisfying first step fitting of the iconic heroine.

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