GUEST EDITORIAL: The Best Movies with the Most Unpredictable Denouement



The movie industry is flourishing. New movies are created every day and more and more young people get involved in the industry. But, making a movie that will be first in the box office is not that easy. It must have a great plot. It must have strong characters and an interesting story. It must have an eye-appealing graphic and mesmerizing effects. But, one of the things that contribute the most to the success of a movie is the denouement. 

In the digital era, everyone has access to the internet and information. And it often happens to read the spoilers. But if you are not concerned about them, here is a list of the best movies with the most unpredictable denouement that you should watch. 

Gone Girl

Gone Girl is a movie directed by David Fincher and it was released in 2014. It has even been nominated to Oscar and Golden Globes for the amazing performance of the leading actress and the intriguing screenplay. Gone Girl is about a couple which celebrates their wedding anniversary and then the wife disappears. Of course, the main suspect is her husband, who seems guilty half of the movie. They even thought that Amy is dead and that her husband killed her. It turns out that Amy framed her husband. She changed her look and disappeared. It surely deserved the nominations and wins!

The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense is about a young boy named Cole Sear who has supernatural powers: he can see and talk to ghosts. Being such a young soul, he is terrified by his power to talk to the dead. Especially because all the spirits reach him to help them solve their problems. He meets with a child psychologist who tries to help him and find out the source of his supernatural powers. It turns out that Dr. Malcom Crowe is himself a spirit which has unsolved problems on the Earth, but he knew how to talk to Cole. 

Shutter Island

Who did not hear about Leo DiCaprio? Shutter Island is one of the successful movies he played in. Released in 2010 and directed by the great Martin Scorsese, Shutter Island is a thriller movie that tells the story of a U.S. Marshal. In 1954, Teddy Daniels, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, investigates the disappearance of a criminal who escaped from a mental hospital. This criminal killed his family, so the stakes are high. Everything seems ok until it turns out that Teddy Daniels is himself a patient at the hospital for mental problems and he killed his wife after she murdered their three children. His quest of searching for the criminal is a form of therapy and an attempt to bring him back to reality. 


If you have not watched Inception yet, then you must do it as soon as possible. Inception is the movie directed by Christopher Nolan premiered in 2010. Leonardo DiCaprio is an actor also in this movie, aspect that gives more value to it. Dom Cobb is a dream-thief which manages to find out the dirtiest secrets using dream-sharing technology. It is then discovered that Dom and Mel, his wife, spent fifty years creating a world of their memories. The sad part is that Mel committed suicide because she thought she is still dreaming, and this suicide will bring her back to reality.  You do not even know if at the end of the movie Dom is living the reality or is still dreaming. This is what Inception is about. 


Quite an old movie, directed by David Fincher and released in 1995. It stars Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt in main roles. The movie is about two detectives who are trying to catch a serial criminal. What is so special about this movie? The serial killer uses the seven deadly sins as motives for his murders. It manages to bring the detectives in the desert. He has also murdered the wife of one of the detectives, played by Brad Pitt, and then forces him to kill himself. 


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