INFOGRAPHIC: Iconic Opening Lines


The opening line from a film can make all the difference. It can be what hooks you in, it can be what makes you turn over. Some opening lines are so great that they’re works of art in their own right, and department store Oldrids & Downtown have captured that in these cool posters. Using the first line from some iconic films, they’ve created some fascinating illustrations that fans of the movies will love. By incorporating the visual themes and aesthetic of the film, they’ve nailed these, see for yourself here…


anchor man.jpg

Cult classic comedy Anchorman is an exercise in complete ridiculousness, 70s aesthetics and how to make a seriously quotable film. You probably know some Anchorman quotes even if you’ve never seen it. After all, Ron Burgundy is kind of a big deal. If you want a comedy riot that doesn’t take itself or the medium of film too seriously, Anchorman is the film for you. Always silly, never slow, it’s a classic comedy that will still be quoted into the next century.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy

What needs to be said about the epic Lord of the Rings trilogy? Using the same script that is emblazoned onto the One Ring, Oldrids have created a poster that uses the first line of the first film of the trilogy. When it was released in 2001, no one could’ve seen the boundless success these films would go on to have. The story is written by J.R.R Tolkein, who had originally intended for it to be a children’s novel. However, as he was writing the story, he realized it had much more currency, power and meaning as an allegory for what greed does to adults.

Stranger Things

Netflix’s inter-dimensional thriller Stranger Things has been a huge success since its release in 2016. Filled to the brim with 80s nostalgia and pop culture references, this TV series is a trip, back in time and along dimensional lines. Most of all, the series has a very strong plot, performed by a talented cast, backed by the massive budget and the unrestricted artistic license of Netflix. Season Three is schedule for release in July of this year, plenty of time to catch up if you haven’t seen the show already!

The Godfather


One of the most famous and successful movies of all time, this organised crime classic has been a firm favorite of movie buffs all over the world since its release in 1972. Marlon Brando delivers an unforgettable performance as the titular character; Don Corleone and this poster has perfectly encapsulated the visual themes of the Godfather.

The film deals with the warped morality of organised crime, the American Dream and the barbaric justice of the Mob. We, the audience, are fascinated by criminal gangs and mob bosses, do we respect them? Or are we just fascinated by them? The success of The Godfather certainly implies the latter.

Game of Thrones

Television in this decade has been completely and utterly dominated by Game of Thrones. This was the series that demonstrated the value of creating a good series. This show is fantasy for those that don’t like fantasy. Its amazingly complex and rich story is expertly bought to life by the show’s creators. It has strong human storylines set over a wild fantasy background, with thrilling power struggles, illicit and twisted romances and movie-standard battle scenes. The final season is coming out this weekend, and it’s set to be the biggest TV event of the decade. There’s still time to bring yourself up to speed, you won’t regret it!

The Lion King

Disney’s animated classic from 1994, The Lion King remains one of the most successful animated films of all time, even to this day. The story has jungle kingdoms, family betrayal, lovable sidekicks and as always, a happy ending. The live-action remake is set for release this year so you can relive the drama in detail. This illustration hits all the visual tones of The Lion King, the blazing heat of the African Savannah, the iconic opening line that’s belted out in Swahili and the contrasting red and yellow tones. Any fan of the film would love this.

Black Swan

Darren Aronofsky’s cerebral thriller Black Swan, depicts one ballet dancer’s descent into madness as she strives to achieve artistic perfection. The film was nominated for multiple Academy Awards and Natalie Portman won for her performance in the film. The editing and cinematography is something to behold, as this film takes you on every step of the maddening ride.

A film that stays with you long after you’ve seen it, this poster captures the broody darkness of the film perfectly.

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