EDITORIAL: What makes Marvel movies better than DC movies?

What makes Marvel movies better than DC movies? Marvel managed to create its own world – unique and dynamic. It embodies its heroes’ features immersing the spectators into the action. What are the key points of such a success? Let’s read and learn.

The first thing that comes to mind for most people when telling about superheroes is Marvel and DC movie. However, one of them is on the top of the charts and on everyone's lips while the other has to fight for every seat in the cinema and for the slightest light of glory. Unfortunately, DC products are lagging in many respects starting with the concept and ending with the casting. Why is the MCU superior to the DCEU when dealing with all their masterpieces that have been shot from the very beginning until nowadays? Let's learn more about it.

Concept as a Foundation of the Success

There is a technique in marketing when call-to-actions are placed on a landing page in every its section that has diverse content. Sometimes the users can get a small gift for their clicks and then more awards for other activities. MCU followed the same path of implementing a piece of gamification into the various plots.

For example, the Infinity Stones serve as interlink between all the Marvel movies. Each stone has its own unique power that makes everybody to wait for more and more stones’ appearance. This trick increases the audience engagements essentially.

Element of Surprise as a Trap for People’s Attention

Both Marvel and DC movie can boast attractive heroes but only MCU make them both cute and courageous, sweet and annoying at the same time. What the key? They choose non-standard characters that, at a first glance, do not in any manner befit the heroic nature or the ability to save the planet.

It’s a good psychological trick making us believe that any funny or even ridiculous creature can be useful. People are not perfect by default and they tend to reject subconsciously the “gods of Olympus”. Besides, nowadays, a set of pecs or pretty face doesn't impress anybody. The movie fans are thirsty for something unusual and amusing like Marvel’s raccoon Rocket from the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Evil as Alluring Piece of Art

Marvel and DC movie can boast a galaxy of outstanding villains. DCEU’s General Zod or Ares is rather expressive but Marvel’s Loki is inimitable. He arouses hatred and respect, envy and interest. He looks stylish and tempting. We see evil as a ball of contradictions with the threads of sadness and disappointment. This ambiguity is a very powerful magnet for spectators.

Literacy and Hard Work as a Base for Success

Marvel strictly follows the concept they’ve chosen while DC is splitting off in different directions. Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger can boast the professional and logic screenplay – the tedious work is visible to the eye. As for DC movies, they suffer from negligence. For example, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice creates the impression that the screenplay was written right on the movie set by those who were under the banned substances.

Researches as a Smoking Gun

The marketing agency ZappiStore carried out a study on Marvel universe and DCUE and revealed the reasons for Marvel comics’ better profitability. In a study, the platform Affectiva was used to recognize emotions and facial expressions. It allowed assessing people’s response to both Marvel and DC movie. Overall evaluation and the desire to share video and impressions on social media was taken into account.

The study showed that the key stone of Marvel’s success is its superheroes and humor. In particular, it was found that Marvel’s superheroes invoke emotions that are more positive. The participants of the research felt deeper emotional ties to Marvel’s characters and demonstrated more appreciation for this studio in the context of brand awareness.

What do the Original Sources Say?

The head of Marvel Kevin Feige claims that there is no enmity between two companies. According to him, the conflict lives in mass media only. He considers Jeff Jones being his friend and he is always happy for Jeff’s success perceiving DC movies as a fan. Kevin is sure that the image of conflicting studios has taken on a life of its own. Irrespective of the main editors’ policy and despite the Marvel and DC’s comics standing on the same shelves in the shops, the idea of their confrontation has become a part of the modern pop-culture’s landscape.


Marvel and DC movie are two universes that are floating in the space as two planets. However, Marvel is a planet and DCEU is its satellite for now. MCU is head and shoulders above DC demonstrating more action, high-end graphics, sly and reckless humor, and strong message. That’s why Marvel is in the top with its box office and it has a more solid fan base.

What to do - to watch Marvel movies or enjoy DC Universe – is up to you. Nevertheless, you certainly have your own opinion and we’d like you to share your thoughts and preferences.

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