INFOGRAPHIC: Iconic movie sleepwear for your favorite characters

Do you think you know everything about your favorite movie characters? From their personality, to their…pajamas?  Aside from the action and drama, there are many iconic movie moments where we see characters in their most vulnerable outfits.  Would you have been able to guess these characters by their pajamas?

  • Kevin McCallister- Home Alone - Who can mistake the blonde bedhead and checked pajamas of precocious kid Kevin, in the Christmas classic, Home Alone. There are so many iconic moments in this movie, but one of the best remembered has to be Kevin, groggily realizing that he's alone in the house, with the gleeful line, "I made my family disappear!"
  • Sugar Kane- Some Like It Hot - One of the most adored and iconic Hollywood actresses of all time, Marilyn Monroe played the role of Sugar Kane in Oscar-winning Some Like It Hot from 1960. The film won 6 Oscars, including Best Costume Design. It's no wonder when you see the many outfits used throughout the film, including the nightwear while on board the overnight sleeper train.
  • Bridget Jones- Bridget Jones’s Diary - Singleton Bridget Jones mends her broken heart by donning her most comfortable pj’s and reading magazines while drinking wine. These penguin print pajamas are certainly a look! But let’s be honest, most of us ladies have owned a pair like this at one time or another.

See how many characters you can guess from their pajamas in this infographic


Iconic Sleepwear Infographic - Non-named (Quiz).jpg