EDITORIAL: Top 5 underrated movies which teach us how to love

(Image: Wall Street Journal)

(Image: Wall Street Journal)

People sometimes have questions about their personal lives. They are confused and shy to ask advice from their mothers, psychologists, or loved ones or just don’t want. We offer an alternative: try to turn for help to the world cinema! A famous international dating site made a selection of films that teach us to love.


Young radical Katie dreams of becoming a writer. But she is concerned about the injustice of this world day and night. Katie gives all the time to rallies and demonstrations, which causes the warm support of some of her friends and the constant ridicule from others. But quite unexpectedly, Katie realizes that she is in love with the first handsome guy of the school, Hubble. However, she is not popular and feels unhappy. But after years, in 1945, they meet and love flashes between them. People can’t imagine how they can be together; a breakup is inevitable. But while they are together, their happiness is endless.


A charming girl whose name is Holly lives in a small apartment with a nameless cat, dreams of marrying a millionaire, and carefully follows the lists of America’s richest men. She meets her new neighbor - writer Paul Varjak. A friendship arises between them and is smoothly turning into love. But as soon as Holly realizes that she is not indifferent to Paul, she tries to stop dating him. The main character is afraid to love someone, become vulnerable, and not to belong to herself. She sincerely believes that marriage with a millionaire she doesn’t love will bring her happiness and peace of mind. At the end of the film, Holly still finds spiritual strength in herself and returns to Paul at the last moment.


A young American Jesse meets a beautiful Frenchwoman Celine in a train. They immediately find a lot of common topics for conversation, and Jesse persuades Celine to go with him to Vienna to spend the evening and night together since he should fly home to the States in the morning. A miracle happens this night – love that is born between a man and woman is so strong that everything else ceases to matter. However, the inexorable countdown continues – there is not much time left, and the lovers use every precious moment to get to know each other better, to have time to share all their memories, dreams, and tenderness... before sunrise.


Tokyo night, the fashionable bar of the expensive hotel... There are two Americans: television actor Bob Harris and pretty, young Charlotte. Having become acquainted, they embark on a journey through the Japanese capital together. During many hours of walking, Bob and Charlotte get into funny stories and unexpected twists and turns, getting to know the locals. The life of the Eastern world is revealed to Americans by bright and unfamiliar faces. And casual meetings become very necessary and important for the comprehension of life.


The heroine of this film, Bridget Jones, finally decided to start a new life! And it’s time! She is already over thirty, but she limply indulges her bad habits and doesn’t dare to get rid of those extra pounds. But, most importantly, Bridget is still single. Her parents are trying to marry her to the neighbors’ son – the modest man, but Bridget herself is crazy about her irresistible boss Daniel! From the first day of her new life, Miss Jones decides to keep a diary in which she will write down her future achievements and victories. But it turned out that it was much more difficult to fulfill dreams and find true love than it seemed to our lovely heroine at first.