MEDIA APPEARANCE: "Connecting with Classics" Episode #1: All the President's Men

“Connecting With Classics” is a podcast intended to encourage listeners to watch older films and will hopefully generate conversation about them. The show will be taking an approach that merges the core perspectives of both Feelin’ Film and Every Movie Has a Lesson by focusing on emotional takeaways and life lessons, as well as film history.  In this special series, hosts Aaron White and I will have conversations about some of the most beloved and respected classic films in movie history, initially utilizing the American Film Institute (AFI) Top 100 list as a source. 

Welcome, listeners new and old, to the FIRST episode of our new series “Connecting With Classics.” In this initial episode, Aaron and I discuss the #77 film on AFI’s Top 100 10th Anniversary list, and one which is closely connected to current new release The Post. If All the President’s Men isn’t the best journalism film ever made, it’s certainly in the conversation. Join us for some history, some lessons, and as always some emotional connection.

One of the goals for “Connecting With Classics” is listener participation. We will be hosting prize drawings for podcast swag and more at the end of each calendar year. Entries into the drawing can be earned for every episode by watching the film and posting your own review or thoughts about the podcast episode in the comments section of the episode announcement post in our Feelin’ Film Facebook Discussion Group. For listeners who do not wish to be a part of the discussion group, emailing reviews to [email protected] will also be accepted.