EDITORIAL: Final 2017 Awards Tracker and Oscar Reactions

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The wild and crazy ending to the Oscars last night closes out the sixth consecutive year of Every Movie Has a Lesson's "Awards Tracker."  Beyond the SNAFU moment at the end with Best Picture, this was a year with heavy curveballs.  My 15 correct predictions was my lowest in the six years of doing this, with my 20-win tally in 2014 still standing as my personal best.  I still back this little homework process I use to track the data and read the tea leaves.  I'll get back to 20+ wins soon enough.  

Between the prestigious Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday and the Academy Awards on Sunday, here are the final tallies for the 2017 Awards Tracker and my overall Oscar reactions in each category.  Enjoy and see you this November when we fire all of this up again for the 90th Academy Awards!


OSCAR REACTION:  Well, that was awkward, to say the very least and a moment even worse than the Steve Harvey mistake.  The MVP throughout that indelible Oscar moment, one that will be replayed for decades, was the class of "La La Land" Jordon Horowitz being the one to stop on the mic during his speech and to break the news and graciously bring the true "Moonlight" winners to the stage where he handed off the trophy himself with the utmost level of respect during a moment of bewildering chaos.  I have called "Moonlight" the most important film of 2016 and a Best Picture win on that level is huge.  No matter how much I love "La La Land," if it had to lose, I'm glad it lost to "Moonlight."   


25- "Moonlight" (GIFA, LA, Chicago, AA, BO, DFW, NYO, SF, TOR, SE, BF, EDA, IND, PCC, Globe, CIFCC, GA, AUS, DEN, NSFC, SEA, VV, GAL, Spirit, Oscar)

22- "La La Land" (TIFF, NY, Boston, CC, DC, DET, LV, PHX, STL, UT, Globe, CIFCC, NC, London, CO, HOU, IA, OK, NT, Satellite, PGA, BAFTA)

4- "Manchester by the Sea"  (NBR, KC, Satellite, VAN)

4- "I, Daniel Blake"  (Cannes, London, DUB, BAFTA)

2- "Hell or High Water"  (SD, NEV)

1- "Hidden Figures"  (WF)

1- "The Lobster"  (FL)

1- "Arrival"  (FA)

1- "The Birth of a Nation  (Sundance)


OSCAR REACTION:  Before the Best Picture moment, Best Director was the moment where everything evened out among the top auteurs of the year.  Chazelle got his much-deserved prize and Kenneth Lonergan and Barry Jenkins were the screenplay recipients.  All were covered as we waited for Best Picture to anoint the person who would be holding two trophies at the end of the night.  Jenkins may have lost here, but he won the big one later.


25- Damien Chazelle for "La La Land"  (Boston, BO, CC, DC, SE, DET, FL, IND, LV, PHX, PCC, STL. Globe, CIFCC, NC, GA, CO, HOU, IA, OK, NT, DGA, FA, BAFTA, Oscar)

20- Barry Jenkins for "Moonlight"  (NBR, NY, LA, Chicago, AA, DFW, NFO, SF, SE, BF, EDA, PCC, UT, AUS, DEN, NSFC, SEA, VV, GAL, Spirit)

3- Kenneth Lonergan for "Manchester by the Sea"  (KC, Satellite, VAN)

2- David Mackenzie for "Hell or High Water"  (SD, NEV)

2- Maren Ade for "Toni Erdmann"  (TOR, EFA)

1- Pablo Larrain for "Jackie"  (TIFF)

1- Denis Villeneuve for "Arrival"  (DUB)

1- Mel Gibson for "Hacksaw Ridge"  (HFA)

1- Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert for "Swiss Army Man"  (Sundance)

1- Ezra Edelman for "O.J.: Made in America"  (DGA)

1- Cristian Mungiu for "Graduation"  (Cannes)

1- Olivier Assayas for "Personal Shopper"  (Cannes) 

1- Trey Edward Shults for "Krishna"  (GIFA)

1- Lazlo Nemes for "Son of Saul"  (London)


OSCAR REACTION:  Casey Affleck weathered mounting controversy to still the award he was locked to win since the beginning of the awards season.  Accusations aside, the right man on the screen won.  Denzel Washington was a worthy runner-up.  We can also restart the clock on the SAG Award streak.  This was the first time since 2003 and only the third time in their 22-year history that the Best Actor Oscar winner didn't match the SAG.


42- Casey Affleck for "Manchester by the Sea"  (GIFA, NBR, NY, Boston, Chicago, BO, CC, DFW, NYO, SD, DC, SE, DET, EDA, FL, IND, KC, LV, NEV, PHX, PCC, STL, UT, Globe, CIFCC, NC, GA, London, AUS, DEN, HOU, IA, NSFC, OK, NT, VAN, SEA, VV, WF, BAFTA, Spirit, Oscar)

5- Denzel Washington for "Fences"  (AA, SF, BF, CO, SAG)

3- Andrew Garfield for "Hacksaw Ridge/Silence"  (London, Satellite, FA)

2- Adam Driver for "Paterson"  (LA, TOR)

1- Ryan Gosling for "La La Land"  (Globe)

1- Tom Hanks for "Sully"  (HFA)

1- Peter Simonischeck for "Toni Erdmann"  (EFA)

1- David Johns for "I, Daniel Blake"  (DUB)

1- Shahab Hosseini for "The Salesman"  (Cannes)


OSCAR REACTION:  The collective whimper and huff you may have heard when Emma Stone's name was read were all the high-brow cinephiles who were clamoring for Isabelle Huppert and not another Hollywood "It Girl."  I told a movie colleague of mine that this is kind of place where "the house," Hollywood that is, wins.  Too few mainstream voters truly watched "Elle" and youth likes to win.  It's now up to Emma Stone to make sure this Oscar victory isn't her career peak.  We've seen plenty of newly-minted stars fail once reaching the mountaintop.


18- Isabelle Huppert for "Elle" and "The Things to Come" (GIFA, NY, LA, Boston, BO, NYO, SF, FL, STL, Globe, London, AUS, NSFC, Satellite, VAN, SEA, VV, Spirit)

15- Natalie Portman for "Jackie"  (Chicago, CC, DFW, DC, HFA, SE, KC, LV, PCC, CIFCC, GA, DEN, HOU, NT, WF)

8- Emma Stone for "La La Land"  (DET, PHX, UT, Globe, NC, SAG, BAFTA, Oscar)

5- Amy Adams for "Arrival"  (NBR, DUB, IA, OK, FA)

3- Ruth Negga for "Loving"  (AA, BF, Satellite)

2- Rebecca Hall for "Christine"  (IND, CO)

2- Sandra Huller for "Toni Erdmann"  (TOR, EFA)

1- Annette Bening for "20th Century Women"  (NEV)

1- Sonia Braga for "Aquarius"  (SD)

1- Kate Beckinsale for "Love and Friendship"  (London)


OSCAR REACTION:  The Big 8 lock-of-the-night opened the show and the moment was perfect.  Not only was Ali's win a moment for black diversity, but for religious diversity as well.  Mahershala is the first Muslim acting winner in Academy Award history.  That's a tremendous first.


34- Mahershala Ali for "Moonlight"  (NY, LA, Boston, Chicago, AA, BO, CC, DFW, NYO, SD, SF, TOR, DC, SE, BF, EDA, IND, PCC, STL, UT, CIFCC, GA, London, AUS, CO, DEN, IA, NSFC, OK, VAN, SEA, VV, SAG, GAL, Oscar)

8- Jeff Bridges for "Hell or High Water"  (NBR, DET, FL, KC, PHX, NC, HOU, Satellite)

3- Ben Foster for "Hell or High Water"  (SD, NEV, Spirit)

2- Dev Patel for "Lion"  (FA, BAFTA)

2- Michael Shannon for "Nocturnal Animals"  (LV, NT)

1- Aaron Taylor-Johnson for "Nocturnal Animals"  (Globe)

1- Hugh Grant for "Florence Foster Jenkins"  (HFA)

1- Tom Bennett for "Love and Friendship"  (London)


OSCAR REACTION:  Matched with her male counterpart in the supporting category, this award was also a forgone and deserved conclusion.  Viola Davis should have been on that stage making her personal and emotional remarks five years ago for "The Help."  Her win for "Fences" only cements validation we all knew she already had as one of the best actresses working today.


30- Viola Davis for "Fences"  (AA, CC, DFW, NYO, SF, DC, SE, BF, DET, EDA, IND, KC, LV, PHX, PCC, STL, UT, Globe, CIFCC, NC, GA, AUS, DEN, HOU, IA, SEA, SAG, GAL, BAFTA, Oscar)

10- Michelle Williams for "Manchester by the Sea" and "Certain Women"  (NY, Chicago, BO, SD, TOR, FL, NSFC, OK, NT, VAN)

5- Naomie Harris for "Moonlight"  (NBR, KC, London, Satellite, FA)

4- Lily Gladstone for "Certain Women"  (LA, Boston, CO, VV)

1- Molly Shannon for "Other People"  (Spirit)

1- Ruth Negga for "Loving"  (EDA)

1- Nicole Kidman for "Lion"  (HFA)

1- Greta Gerwig for "20th Century Women"  (NEV)

1- Jaclyn Jose for "Ma' Rosa"  (Cannes)



15- "Moonlight" (GIFA, Boston, BO, CC, NYO, SE, DET, NEV, CIFCC, GA, AUS, CO, OK, SEA, Spirit)

5- "Hidden Figures"  (NBR, AA, LV, SAG, WF)

3- "Hell or High Water"  (SD, DC, PHX)

1- "Everybody Wants Some!!"  (IND)

1- "Manchester by the Sea"  (FA)

1- "American Honey"  (FL)

1- "20th Century Women"  (DET)

1- "Fences"  (BF)

1- "Gold"  (HFA)


OSCAR REACTION:  As aforementioned, this was the right place to spread the wealth between "La La Land," "Moonlight," and "Manchester by the Sea."  Kenneth Lonergan earned this one and the Damon vs. Kimmel moment leading up to it was hilarious.


20- Kenneth Lonergan for "Manchester by the Sea"  (NBR, NY, Boston, Chicago, BO, CC, DFW, NYO, SF, TOR, HFA, SE, EDA, IND, CIFCC, OK, VAN, VV, Oscar)

10- Taylor Sheridan for "Hell or High Water"  (SD, KC, NEV, PHX, STL, UT, NC, CO, DEN, HOU)

6- Damien Chazelle for ""La La Land"  (CC, DC, DET, LV,  Globe, GA)

3- Efthimis Filippou and Yorgos Lanthimos for "The Lobster"  (LA, FL, PCC)

1- Byron Howard, Jared Bushg, Rich Moore, Josie Trinidad, Jim Reardon, Phil Johnston, and Jennifer Lee for "Zootopia"  (FA)

1- Maren Ade for "Toni Erdmann"  (EFA)

1- Ava DuVernay for "13th"  (WF)

1- Asghar Farhadi for "The Salesman"  (Cannes)

1- Chad Hartigan for "Morris From America"  (Sundance)


OSCAR REACTION:  If this was the only award Barry Jenkins won on Oscar night, it would have been just fine.  The shower of Best Picture praise adds to the praise and momentum "Moonlight" and Tarell McCraney's story deserves.  Bravo here!


19- Tarell McCraney and Barry Jenkins for "Moonlight"  (GIFA, SF, SE, BF, EDA, IND, UT, CIFCC, GA, AUS, CO, DEN, Satellite, SEA, GAL, BAFTA, WGA, Spirit, Oscar)

11- Eric Heisserer for "Arrival"  (CC, SF, DC, KC, NEV, NC, AUS, DUB, OK, FA, WGA)

3- Whit Stilman for "Love and Friendship"  (SD, FL, STL)

2- August Wilson for "Fences"  (AA, BF)

1- Luke Davies for "Lion"  (BAFTA)

1- Andrew Knight and Robert Schenkken for "Hacksaw Ridge"  (PHX)

1- Tom Ford for "Nocturnal Animals"  (LV)

1- Jay Cocks and Martin Scorsese for "Silence"  (NBR)

1- Seo Kyung-Chung and Chan-wook Park for "The Handmaiden"  (Chicago)

1- Kieran Fitzgerald and Oliver Stone for "Snowden"  (Satellite)


OSCAR REACTION:  "Zootopia" emerged with the Annie Award win, but that BAFTA award for "Kubo and the Two Strings" had us prognosticators sweating.  I was a "Kubo" fan, but a "Zootopia" win is just fine.


23- "Zootopia"  (NY, AA, CC, DFW, TOR, HFA, SE, BF, EDA, KC, PHX, STL, Globe, NC, GA, DEN, OK, NT, SEA, Annie, FA, Oscar)

18- "Kubo and the Two Strings"  (NBR, Chicago, BO, NYO, SD, DC, FL, IND, LV, PCC, UT, CIFCC, AUS, CO, HOU, IA, VV, BAFTA)

2- "The Red Turtle"  (SF, Annie)

1- "My Life as a Zucchini"  (Satellite)

1- "Moana"  (NEV)

1- "Your Name"  (LA)

1- "Tower"  (Boston)


OSCAR REACTION:  As a member of the Chicago Independent Film Critics Circle, I was proud to see "Piper" win after it won my group's award for Best Short Film.  At the time, Alan Barillaro and Marc Sondheimer were kind enough to send us a personal video message to the CIFCC thanking us.  To see those men in tuxedos on the biggest stage accept the biggest award of their careers was very satisfying.


3- "Piper"  (CIFCC, Annie, Oscar)

1- "A Love Story"  (BAFTA)


OSCAR REACTION:  This was dartboard category that was anyone's guess and it certainly turned out that way.  There's very little pattern here and this is a category I personally want to research more on going forward to get a leg up on the predictions.


1- "Sing"  (Oscar)

1- "Timecode"  (Cannes)

1- "Thunder Road"  (Sundance)

1- "Home"  (BAFTA)

1- "Imago"  (TIFF)


OSCAR REACTION:  In a huge win for ESPNFilms, this was a no-doubter in a very deep category.  For me, it was still great to see "Life, Animated," my #3 film of last year, mentioned on Hollywood's biggest night.


28- "O.J.: Made In America" (GIFA, NBR, NY, AFI, Boston, Chicago, DET, IND, IDA, KC, LV, NEV, PCC, CIFCC, NC, GA, CO, DEN, HOU, IA, NSFC, OK, SEA, VV, PGA, GAL, Spirit, Oscar)

7- "13th"  (AA, NYO, DC, BF, EDA, Satellite, BAFTA)

5- "I am Not Your Negro"  (TIFF, LA, SF, SE, STL)

5- "Cameraperson"  (BO, TOR, FL, UT, VAN)

3- "Weiner"  (Sundance, SD, DUB)

2- "Tower"  (DFW, AUS)

2- "Fire At Sea"  (EFA, London)

2- "Gleason"  (PHX, NT)

1- "Mattress Men"  (DUB)

1- "Sonita"  (Sundance)


OSCAR REACTION:  For once, I trusted the scant amount of data and got one dartboard category right.


1- "The White Helmets"  (IDA, Oscar)


OSCAR REACTION:  This category was easily the most politically motivated victory of the night, greater than Ali, "Moonlight," or anyone else.  When President Trump's travel ban dropped right around the time of the Oscar nominations, attention flocked to Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi and his inability to attend the Oscars.  Call it sympathy and protest that put "The Salesman" over "Toni Erdmann."


21- "The Handmaiden"  (LA, Boston, Chicago, BO, CC, NYO, SF, SE, EDA, IND, KC, LV, PCC, UT, CIFCC, NC, AUS, HOU, OK, GAL, WF)

10- "Elle"  (CC, DC, BF, FL, PHX, STL, Globe, GA, NT, SEA)

9- "Toni Erdmann"  (NY, TOR, EFA, London, CO, DEN, NSFC, VAN, Spirit)

3- "The Salesman"  (NBR, Satellite, Oscar)

1- "Sand Storm"  (Sundance)

1- "Tanna"  (AA)

1- "Mountains May Depart"  (SD)

1- "Son of Saul"  (BAFTA)


OSCAR REACTION:  A great deal of "La La Land" backlash fueled a few surprise defector wins in the artistic categories.  This wasn't one of them.  Sandren's dazzling work was irrefutable.  


21- Linus Sandgren for "La La Land"  (Chicago, CC, DFW, DC, HFA, SE, FL, LV, NEV, PHX, STL, UT, CIFCC, NC, AUS, CO, HOU, NT, FA, BAFTA, Oscar)

8- James Laxton for "Moonlight"  (NY, LA, NYO, SF, EDA, GA, NSFC, Spirit)

1- Greig Fraser for "Lion"  (ASC)

1- Bradford Young for "Arrival"  (SEA)

1- Bill Pope for "The Jungle Book"  (Satellite)

1- Seamus McGarvey for "Nocturnal Animals"  (DUB)

1- Giles Nuttgens for "Hell or High Water"  (SD)

1- Chung-hoon Chung for " The Handmaiden"  (Boston)

1- Natasha Braier for "The Neon Demon"  (BO)

1- Sturla Brandth Grovlen for "Victoria"  (London)


OSCAR REACTION:  As I laid out in my analysis articles last week, I knew "La La Land" would and could win the most awards (seven, as it turned out) of any film and would do so winning a few it didn't deserve from bandwagon love.  Even with the backing from the Art Directors Guild win, production design didn't seem like a slam dunk award it deserved.  This could have been one more place to spread the wealth.


11- "La La Land"  (CC, DC, FL, LV, NEV, PHX, CIFCC, GA, HOU, ADG, Oscar)

5- "The Handmaiden"  (LA, Chicago, SF, STL, SEA)

2- "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them"  (FA, BAFTA)

1- "Hidden Figures"  (ADG)

1- "Passengers"  (ADG)

1- "Jackie"  (Satellite)

1- "Hail, Caesar!"  (SD)

1- "Hidden Figures"  (HFA) 


OSCAR REACTION:  As the guy who tracks the data lately, I'm going to propose pundits put to bed the whole "Best Editing Always Matches Best Picture" misnomer.  What used to be a 60%+ go-to stat is fading.  Six of the last seven winners and four straight, including "Hacksaw Ridge," did not go on to win Best Picture.  I think people are finally noticing the difference between the two awards and their distinction.  I say that's a good thing.


7- "La La Land" (NY, Chicago, CC, DC, CIFCC, CO, ACE)

5- "Hacksaw Ridge"  (HFA, PHX, Satellite, BAFTA, Oscar)

3- "Arrival"  (SF, ACE, FA)

3- "Moonlight"  (EDA, LV, SEA)

2- "O.J.: Made in America"  (LA, ACE)

1- "Jackie"  (STL)

1- "Sully"  (SD)

1- "Zootopia"  (ACE)

1- "Cameraperson"  (BO)


OSCAR REACTION:  "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" had some data on its side where it's win over "Jackie" and "La La Land" wasn't an entirely inconceivable upset.  "Jackie" sure would have been nice, though.


4- "Jackie"  (CC, CIFCC, Satellite, BAFTA)

3- "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them"  (PHX, FA, Oscar)

2- "La La Land"  (SD, ADG)

1- "Hidden Figures"  (ADG)

1- "Doctor Strange"  (ADG)

1- "The Handmaiden"  (SEA)

1- "The Love Witch"  (CIFCC)

1- "Rules Don't Apply"  (HFA)

1- "The Witch"  (LV)


OSCAR REACTION:  People were quick to come to this category and create their trolling declarations of "Suicide Squad has now won more Oscars than FILL IN THE BLANK" or "as many Oscars as FILL IN THE BLANK."  From "Silence" to "Amy Adams" and "Arrival," the fill-ins were numerous and never really funny.  The work and the category fit.  Stop being petty and pissy because "Suicide Squad" was better than convention cosplay.


2- "Suicide Squad"  (FA, Oscar)

1- "Swiss Army Man"  (CIFCC)

1- "Jackie"  (CC)

1- "Florence Foster Jenkins"  (BAFTA)

1- "Hacksaw Ridge"  (HFA)


OSCAR REACTION:  No matter what, the Mouse House was going to win between its property ownership of "The Jungle Book," "Doctor Strange," and "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story."  


9- "The Jungle Book"  (CC, SD, LV, STL, Satellite, FA, VES, BAFTA, Oscar)

7- "Doctor Strange"  (HFA, PHX, CIFCC, NC, DEN, SEA, Annie)

2- "Arrival"  (FL, SEA)

1- "Kubo and the Two Strings"  (VES)

1- "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story"  (NEV)


OSCAR REACTION:  In mildly surprising fashion, "Arrival" got to leave the Oscars not completely skunked.  


2- "Arrival"  (BAFTA, Oscar)

1- "Hacksaw Ridge"  (FA)


OSCAR REACTION:  I pinned my data hopes of "Hacksaw Ridge" to the wrong sound category.  I almost had another win here if I went with the math and not my gut.


3- "Hacksaw Ridge"  (Satellite, FA, Oscar)

1- "La La Land"  (CAS)

1- "The Jungle Book"  (HFA)


OSCAR REACTION:  Simply put, the musical won the musical categories and that was easy to predict.  Classy win for a classy film.


23- Justin Hurwitz for "La La Land"  (LA, CC, DFW, NYO, DC, FL, LV, PHX, PCC, STL, UT, Globe, CIFCC, GA, AUS, CO, DEN, HOU, IA, Satellite, FA, BAFTA, Oscar)

5- Mica Levi for "Jackie" (Boston, Chicago, BO, SF, IND)

1- Johann Johannsson for "Arrival"  (SEA)


OSCAR REACTION:  It may have been the simplest and most boring song of the nominees, but there was little doubt it wouldn't win this category.  This is the Oscars, not "The Voice."  A song with thematic impact, like "City of Stars" had, within the context of the film carries more weight than "Moana"'s power and Justin Timberlake's partytime.  That's just how it goes.  The winner isn't always the best performance.  It's the best placement.


9- "City of Stars" from "La La Land"  (CC, LV, PHX, Globe, GA, HOU, IA, Satellite, Oscar)

2- "Can't Stop the Feeling" from "Trolls"  (HFA, FA)

1- "Drive It Like You Stole It" from "Sing Street"  (DEN)

1- "Audition (The Fools Who Dream)" from "La La Land"  (STL)

1- "Victory" from "Hidden Figures"  (AA)


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