INFOGRAPHIC QUIZ: Guess by Murder Weapon

Can you guess the horror movie/tv show by the murder weapon? Put your knowledge to the test with this interactive quiz and match the lethal weapon to its rightful owner

For true horror fans a death scene can make or break a movie/TV series and good ones often become iconic and memorable moments on both the big and small screen. Death is just about the most dramatic thing that can happen, and as such, is at the heart of many great films. According to research, some death scenes stick with us more than others; whether it's the shower scene in Psycho, the bursting chest in Alien or the bloody teeth of Jaws. It seems we just can't get enough gore! 

Our enjoyment of horror and gore is dark and frankly a bit weird! However the industry isn’t complaining, they’re eager to feed our strange appetite. According to movie statistics website The Numbers, horror films are big money-makers grossing over $9 billion worldwide since 1995 just behind romantic comedies (of course).

Sometimes it’s not only the iconic act that is memorable for us, but the object used to do it. Most of our favorite villains have a weapon of destruction that they just wouldn't be complete without. But can you guess which weapons are featured in which film/TV show? Take the quiz to find out!