COLUMN: Newly updated BAG website and platform for "Every Movie Has a Lesson"


Back in January, I introduced you to my involvement on BAG Movies as one of their "PRO" critics and contributors.  In April, I was one of their inaugural "Critics of the Month."  As of today, I've logged over 650 reviews on their site.  

I am happy to report that BAG Movies has gotten a massive facelift making it even more organized, personalized, and interactive than before.  Their new-and-improved website and social network just launched here in June 2016.  I can gladly tout its benefits and pitch their product, but I'll let the founders of BAG do it properly.  Here's their latest blog press release:   

Ever heard yourself say “I wanna watch a movie, but I don’t know which one” and ended up spending more time searching than actually watching? Then you are one of us! And it seems like those times may be finally over.
Instead of wasting time consuming what TV and cinema are giving you,  wants to give you back the freedom to choose what to watch based on your preferences and those of the people you trust. No more hours spent scrolling down “the funniest movies of 2016” list. No more ending up watching a show or a film you won’t like only because it was on a big billboard. No more having your choices limited by the catalogue of one streaming provider.
In BAG, users can rate movies and series, see what their friends and like minded users are watching, and discover new things through recommendations from friends and a machine learning algorithm. The platform aggregates all movies and tv-shows on all providers, and if you already have a Netflix subscription or similar, it shows you personalised recommendations for your provider with a hangover proof click-through function.
If you want people to hear what you say or like to write reviews yourself, BAG provides a place to share your opinions and see what others are thinking. In case you feel the need to atone for some of your sins, there’s also a button that shows you only the worst of Hollywood’s production – if that’s what you like.
If you are fed up with watching crap and want to find something you will enjoy, check out and find out what’s worth watching. For free, forever.

Once again, I'm a big fan of BAG and what they are doing.  I highly recommend them as a resource to finding great content to watch at home or away!  Stay tuned and be sure to add "Every Movie Has a Lesson" as a user you follow on their site!