EDITORIAL: Final 2015 Awards Tracker and Oscar Reactions

(Image: probe-rts.com)

As of the curtain closing last night at the 87th Academy Awards, my fourth consecutive year of Every Movie Has a Lesson's "Awards Tracker" is also complete.  Last night, I correctly predicted 16 of the 24 winners.  I'll admit, in my four years of doing this, 16 is my worst score (17 in 2012, 19 in 2013, and 20 in 2014), even though I opened with a blazing 11-for-11 on the artistic, technical, and minor film awards.  That only makes me want to work this better next year.  That advance prognostication started today with my editorial of the "16 Films to Watch for the 2016 Oscars."  

Let's put a bow on the 2014 Oscar race.  In my final update of this year's Awards Tracker, here are the final tallies, Oscar winners, and my reactions.  The Oscar winners in each category are in bold.  See you next year for another data session and awards season!


OSCAR REACTION:  "Birdman" executed one of the most successful late surges in Oscar history in what had to be one of the closest races.  "Boyhood" looked untouchable as recently as the Golden Globes when sentiment changed and everyone changed their tune.  Just look at the lopsided data below for "Boyhood."  As I said on Facebook, "Birdman" wouldn't have been my vote.  It is what it is.  Dark comedies with technical savvy and a sharp industry commentary movie the need on nights like the Oscar.  


23- "Boyhood"  (NY, NYO, DC, Boston, LA, Chicago, SF, IND, DET, STL, DUB, AUS, TOR, FL, NT, Globe, EDA, GA, HOU, IA, London, OK, VAN, CC, BAFTA)

8- "Birdman"  (GIFA, DFW, KC, LV, PHX, Utah, PGA, Spirit, Oscar)

4- "The Grand Budapest Hotel"  (Online, SE, Globe, NC)

3- "Selma"  (AA, BF, CO)

2- "Gone Girl"  (HFA, NEV)

1- "A Most Violent Year"  (NBR)

1- "American Sniper"  (DEN)

1- "Nightcrawler"  (SD)

1- "Snowpiercer"  (BO)

1- "Ida"  (EFA)

1- "Goodbye to Language"  (NSFC)

1- "Still Alice"  (WOM)

1- "Winter Sleep"  (Cannes)

1- "The Imitation Game"  (TIFF)

1- "Whiplash"  (Sundance)


OSCAR REACTION:  Just like in the Best Picture race, this award was firmly rooted towards "Boyhood" and Richard Linklater all season until late.  When the Independent Spirit Awards tabbed Linklater after the Directors Guild of America honored Inarritu, this race became a final night coin toss that Inarritu won.  Huge props for the second consecutive year where a director of Mexican descent has won the Best Director prize at the Oscars.  Inarritu follows Alfonso Cuaron of "Gravity" last year.


30- Richard Linklater- "Boyhood"  (NY, NYO, DC, Boston, LA, Chicago, SF, IND, DET, DUB, AUS, KC, Online, TOR, SE, PHX, NSFC, FL, NT, Globe, EDA, DEN, GA, HOU, IA, London, NC, OK, CC, Spirit)

7- Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu- "Birdman"  (BO, STL, DFW, LV, Utah, VAN, DGA, Oscar)

3- Ava DuVernay- "Selma"  (BF, WOM, CO)

1- Clint Eastwood- "American Sniper"  (NBR)

1- Morton Tyldum- "The Imitation Game"  (HFA)

1- Bennett Miller- "Foxcatcher"  (Cannes)

1- Pawel Pawlikowski- "Ida"  (EFA)

1- Ava Duvernay- "Selma"  (AA)


OSCAR REACTION:  The one major place where the "Birdman" momentum didn't bump up everyone was getting Michael Keaton to win for Best Actor.  Honestly, that surprised me.  I thought the reinvigorated surge for "Birdman" would be enough to outshine to the eventual winner Eddie Redmayne, who rode the wave for Golden Globe and SAG Award wins.  I think it should have been Keaton.  The SAG streak of correctly matching the Oscars is now 12 straight.  Redmayne proves the prevailing wisdom that playing handicapped characters is Oscar gold.  Combine that with playing a famous person and his win only cements that further.  The young man was genuinely moved by the win and spoke highly and kindly to honor ALS, the affliction matching Stephen Hawking himself.  


23- Michael Keaton- "Birdman"  (GIFA, NBR, DC, Boston, Chicago, SF, DET, DFW, KC, Online, SE, LV, PHX, Utah, FL, Globe, EDA, IA, London, NC, OK, CC, Spirit)

9- Jake Gyllenhaal- "Nightcrawler"  (STL, DUB, AUS, SD, NEV, NT, GA, DEN, VAN)

6- Eddie Redmayne- "The Theory of Everything"  (NYO, WOM, Globe, SAG, BAFTA, Oscar)

4- Timothy Spall- "Mr. Turner"  (Cannes, NY, EFA, NSFC)

3- David Oyelowo- "Selma"  (AA, BF, CO)

2- Ralph Fiennes- "The Grand Budapest Hotel"  (IND, DEN)

2- Tom Hardy- "Locke"  (LA, TOR)

1- Bradley Cooper- "American Sniper"  (DEN)

1- Oscar Isaac- "A Most Violent Year"  (NBR)

1- Benedict Cumberbatch- "The Imitation Game"  (HFA)

1- Brendan Gleeson- "Calvary"  (BO)


OSCAR REACTION:  Moore's win was heavily expected and heavily deserved.  It was her time and the right role, even if "Still Alice" wasn't nominated for anything else.  She pulled the weekend double by also taking home the Independent Spirit Award.  


18- Julianne Moore- "Still Alice"/"Maps to the Stars"  (HFA, GIFA, NBR, DC, Chicago, SF, SE, WOM, Cannes, Globe, SAG, EDA, DEN, London, OK, CC, BAFTA, Spirit, Oscar)

11- Rosamund Pike- "Gone Girl"  (DET, STL, AUS, KC, Online, NEV, PHX, Utah, FL, NT, DEN)

10- Marion Cotillard- "The Immigrant" and "Two Days, One Night"  (NY, NYO, Boston, BO, EFA, DUB, SD, TOR, NSFC, GA)

4- Reese Witherspoon- "Wild"  (IND, DFW, LV, IA)

2- Essie Davis- "The Babadook"  (CO, NC)

2- Gugu Mbatha-Raw- "Belle"  (AA, BF)

1- Amy Adams- "Big Eyes"  (Globe)

1- Patricia Arquette- "Boyhood"  (LA)

1- Tilda Swinton- "Only Lovers Left Alive"  (VAN)


OSCAR REACTION:  The opening award of the night was the firmest lock of the major categories.  J.K. Simmons rightfully won the Oscar and started a nice night for "Whiplash."  His great speech about honoring your parents was just the first of many excellent acceptance speeches of the night.  Damn, do I love "Whiplash!"


36- J.K. Simmons- "Whiplash"  (NY, NYO, DC, Boston, LA, Chicago, IND, DET, STL, DFW, AUS, TOR, SE, BF, LV, NEV, PHX, NSFC, Utah, FL, NT, Globe, SAG, EDA, CO, DEN, GA, DEN, IA, London, VAN, CC, BAFTA, Spirit, Oscar)

7- Edward Norton- "Birdman"  (NBR, BO, SF, KC, Online, NC, OK)

1- Mark Ruffalo- "Foxcatcher"  (SD)

1- Tyler Perry- "Gone Girl"  (AA)

1- Robert Duvall- "The Judge"  (HFA)


OSCAR REACTION:  The impassioned Patricia Arquette was another lock of the night and another lightning rod for conversation.  Bravo to using the platform to bring up equal worker rights and pay for women and low income families.  I know people might not think the Oscars are a place for that, but people watch and people listen.  I'll gladly take a night full of speeches like last night to 3-hour show of ambivalent and snobby celebs that don't care or don't notice larger problems.


30- Patricia Arquette- "Boyhood"  (NY, NYO, DC, Chicago, SF, DET, STL, DFW, AUS, KC, Online, TOR, SE, NEV, NSFC, FL, NT, Globe, SAG, DEN, HOU, IA, London, NC, OK, VAN, CC, BAFTA, Spirit, Oscar)

5- Tilda Swinton- "Snowpiercer"  (BO, LV, EDA, CO, GA)

4- Jessica Chastain- "A Most Violent Year"  (NBR, IND, NEV, Utah)

2- Kiera Knightley- "The Imitation Game"  (HFA, PHX)

1- Emma Stone- "Birdman"  (Boston)

1- Rene Russo- "Nightcrawler"  (SD)

1- Agata Kulesza- "Ida"  (LA)

1- Carmen Ejogo- "Selma"  (BF)


OSCAR REACTION:  I know "The Grand Budapest Hotel" cleaned up the artistic categories with four wins, but the real reason all of that showmanship works is because of its incredibly good story.  Writer-director Wes Anderson makes all of that work.  "Birdman" and Alejandro Gonazlez Inarritu got its haul of the top award with Best Director and Best Picture.  This was the place to spread the wealth and honor the long-overdue Wes Anderson.  If Spike Jonze could win this category last year for "Her," then this was the spot for Anderson.  The more I think about it, this is the major award that I think was robbed the most from the rightful winner and the tracking data (especially that WGA win) last night.


16- Wes Anderson and Hugo Guinness- "The Grand Budapest Hotel"  (NY, LA, Chicago, IND, Online, TOR, SE, PHX, NSFC, FL, London, NC, OK, VAN, BAFTA, WGA)

13- Alejandro González Iñárritu, Nicolás Giacobone, Alexander Dinelaris, Jr., and Armando Bo- "Birdman"  (NYO, DC, Boston, SF, STL, DFW, KC, LV, Utah, Globe, EDA, DEN, CC, Oscar)

5- Dan Gilroy- "Nightcrawler"  (AUS, SD, NEV, GA, Spirit)

3- Richard Linklater- "Boyhood"  (Boston, DET, HOU)

2- Paul Webb- "Selma"  (BF, CO)

2- Paweł Pawlikowski and Rebecca Lenkiewicz- "Ida"  (EFA, WOM)

1- Phil Lord and Christopher Miller- "The LEGO Movie"  (NBR)

1- John Michael McDonaugh- "Calvary"  (BO)

1- Craig Johnson and Mark Heyman- "The Skeleton Twins"  (Sundance)

1- Gina Prince-Bythewood- "Beyond the Lights"  (AA)


OSCAR REACTION:  It has to be said again.  The best possible adapted screenplay from last year didn't even make the field.  "Gone Girl" was egregiously left out and the gap in quality showed.  The missed categorization of the original "Whiplash" in this category gave this race a jolt, but the WGA winner Graham Moore of "The Imitation Game" continued cleaning up where "Gone Girl" wasn't present.  Moore himself is a nice story, which redeemed this feeling and scent of snubbery from the night.


15- Gillian Flynn- "Gone Girl"  (HFA, DC, Chicago, STL, AUS, Online, SD, SE, BF, PHX, FL, EDA, GA, OK, CC)

4- Graham Moore- "The Imitation Game"  (CO, WGA, USC, Oscar)

4- Paul Thomas Anderson- "Inherent Vice"  (NBR, SF, Utah, DEN)

1- Anthony McCarten- "The Theory of Everything"  (BAFTA)

1- Damien Chazelle- "Whiplash"  (IND)

1- James Gunn and Nicole Perlman- "Guardians of the Galaxy"  (NC)

1- Gillian Robespierre- "Obvious Child" (KC)

1- Bong Joon-ho and Kelly Masterson- "Snowpiercer"  (Utah)


OSCAR REACTIONS:  Take what I just said about Best Adapted Screenplay and multiply it by 1000.  "The LEGO Movie" still should have been in this final field and won the award.  The audience knew it.  Even Neil Patrick Harris knew it enough to joke about it.  Without that juggernaut present, the Oscar was up for grabs and the unlikely "Big Hero 6," which has one just one Best Animated Feature award from anyone (the Nevada Film Critics Association) all season came out of nowhere to win.  Of the five nominated, the voters got the right one with the Disney/Marvel team-up.  In the Best Animated Short category, I got burned going against my gut.  Last year, I took the popular one, Disney's "Get a Horse!" which featured the triumphant big screen return of Mickey Mouse and played before mega-hit "Frozen," and it lost to something obscure.  This year, I pick something obscure and I lose to Disney's "Feast" which played before "Big Hero 6."  Figures...


30- "The LEGO Movie"  (NY, NYO, DC, BO, Chicago, SF, IND, STL, DFW, AUS, KC, Online, SE, BF, LV, PHX, Utah, FL, NT, PGA, EDA, CO, DEN, GA, HOU, IA, NC, OK, CC, BAFTA)

4- "How to Train Your Dragon 2"  (HFA, NBR, Globe, Annie)

3- "The Tale of the Princess Kaguya"  (Boston, LA, TOR)

3- "The Boxtrolls"  (AA, SD, WOM)

1- "Big Hero 6"  (NEV, Oscar)


1- "Feast"  (Annie, Oscar)


OSCAR REACTIONS:  I know this is sounding like a trend for three award categories in a row, but "Life Itself," featuring the late Roger Ebert really should have had the chance to challenge for the top award, especially in winning the Producers Guild Award, normally a strong precursor.  Still, as a prognosticator, I can't complain.  I went two-for-two with "Citizenfour" and "Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1." 


24- "Citizenfour"  (NY, GIFA, Boston, LA, SF, DET, STL, DFW, AUS, KC, SD, IDA, LV, NEV, WOM, NSFC, Utah, EDA, HOU, IA, London, BAFTA, Spirit, Oscar)

16- "Life Itself"  (NBR, NYO, DC, BO, AA, Chicago, IND, Online, SE, FL, NT, PGA, GA, NC, OK, CC)

3- "The Overnighters"  (TOR, DEN, VAN)

2- "Finding Vivian Maier"  (DUB, CO)

1- "Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon"  (HFA)

1- "Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me"  (PHX)

1- "Rich Hill"  (Sundance)

1- "Beats of Antonov"  (TIFF)

1- "Keep On, Keepin' On"  (BF)


OSCAR REACTION:  With "Force Majeure" not the the field, the data favorite and critical favorite came on top.  Poland's "Ida" took home the Oscar.  It also took home the Independent Spirit Award the day before.  "Leviathan," the Golden Globe winner put up stiff competition and a late surge in theaters.


13- "Force Majeure"  (DC, Chicago, STL, DFW, AUS, SD, TOR, SE, HOU, NC, OK, VAN, CC)

12- "Ida"  (NY, LA, SF, KC, BF, LV, PHX, NT, EDA, GA, BAFTA, Spirit, Oscar)

7- "Two Days, One Night"  (NYO, Boston, BO, IND, Online, WOM, DEN)

2- "We Are the Best!"  (Utah, CO)

1- "Leviathan"  (Globe)

1- "The Raid 2" (FL)

1- "Wild Tales"  (NBR)

1- "Timbuktu"  (AA)

1- "Winter Sleep"  (Cannes)

1- "To Kill a Man"  (Sundance)


OSCAR REACTION:  Emmanuel Lubezki pulled off the rare repeat win in a technical or artistic category.  He won this very award for "Gravity" last year and was the unquestioned favorite last night for "Birdman."  Expect him to be on this list again next year for "The Revenant" when he reteams with Inarritu on Leonardo DiCaprio's revenge western drama.


22- Emmanuel Lubezki- "Birdman"  (HFA, NYO, DC, Boston, BO, LA, Chicago, STL, DFW, AUS, SE, BF, LV, PHX, EDA, DEN, GA, HOU, CC, BAFTA, Spirit, Oscar)

3- Robert Yeoman- "The Grand Budapest Hotel"  (Chicago, Online, CO)

3- Hoyte Van Hoytema- "Interstellar"  (NEV, FL, NT)

2- Robert Elswit- "Nightcrawler"  (SD, Utah)

2- Lukasz Zal and Ryszard Lenczewski- "Ida"  (SF, EFA) 

1- Dick Pope- "Mr. Turner"  (NSFC)

1- Darius Khondji- "The Immigrant"  (NY)

1- Christopher Blauvelt- "Low Down"  (Sundance)


OSCAR REACTION:  In the beginning of a huge artistic run for "The Grand Budapest Hotel," the right film won for the right reasons in this category.  How did everyone know?  Did you notice the hotel-style stage sets last night at the Oscars?  It's even like they knew "The Grand Budapest Hotel" was a lock too.


13- "The Grand Budapest Hotel"  (DC, NY, Chicago, STL, SD, LV, NEV, PHX, FL, GA, CC, BAFTA, ADG, Oscar)

1- "Birdman"  (ADG)

1- "Guardians of the Galaxy"  (ADG)

1- "Maleficent"  (HFA)

1- "The Dark Valley"  (EFA)


OSCAR REACTION:  This was a pretty substantial surprise from the night.  As Oscar history has shown over 60% of the time, the winner of Best Editing matches the Best Picture winner.  I figured, just as the actual American Cinema Editors did, that the work to compile 12 years of footage from "Boyhood" was a shoe-in.  If not "Boyhood," trends said "Birdman" was next.  Therefor, the upset victory for "Whiplash," for having the actual best editing (watch that movie and be amazed at its chop), both renewed my faith in the category being judged separately for its specific value and, in the back of my mind, it gave him a giddy hope that "Whiplash" could pull off an even larger coup and take Best Picture.  I knew that wasn't happening, but I appreciated the quick heartbeat for a second or two there last night.  Any award for "Whiplash" brought me to my feet.  Damn, I love that movie.


5- "Birdman"  (DC, Online, PHX, EDA, CC)

5- "Whiplash"  (Chicago, CO, BAFTA, Spirit, Oscar)

3- "Edge of Tomorrow"  (BO, SD, LV)

3- "Boyhood"  (Boston, LA, ACE)

1- "The Grand Budapest Hotel"  (ACE)

1- "The LEGO Movie"  (ACE)

1- "Citzenfour"  (ACE)

1- "Fury"  (HFA)

1- "Locke"  (EFA)


OSCAR REACTION:  Equal to what I said in Best Production Design/Art Direction, the right film one for the right award.  There was no way "The Grand Budapest Hotel" was losing.


5- "Grand Budapest Hotel"  (HFA, PHX, CC, BAFTA, Oscar)

1- "Guardians of the Galaxy"  (LV)

1- "The Dark Valley"  (EFA)


OSCAR REACTIONS:  See a pattern forming for "The Grand Budapest Hotel?"  Sorry, Steve Carell's nose.  Volume and quality beat just quality.


3- "The Grand Budapest Hotel"  (BAFTA, MHG, Oscar

2- "Guardians of the Galaxy"  (HFA, CC)


OSCAR REACTIONS:  While I correctly predicted that "Interstellar" would win, I still feel it was second best in the category.  The Oscar should have gone to "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" for its incomparable performance capture work which dominates and convincingly creates the entire cast of main characters.  "Interstellar" was good, but Caesar and company were better.


6- "Interstellar"  (STL, LV, NEV, PHX, BAFTA, Oscar)

2- "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes"  (CC, Annie)

1- "Edge of Tomorrow"  (Annie)

1- "Big Hero 6"  (Annie)

1- "How to Train Your Dragon 2"  (Annie)

1- "Transformers: Age of Extinction"  (HFA)


OSCAR REACTIONS:  Just as I predicted, Best Sound Editing was going to be the only Oscar of the night that "American Sniper" was going to win.  I'm sure that upset all the conservatives and mainstream audience folks who have made that film a $300 million blockbuster.  "American Sniper" is a very good movie and I love Clint Eastwood, but other movies were simply better in the technical and artistic categories.  With the love for "Whiplash" out there for Best Sound Mixing, "American Sniper" could not sweep these categories.  Frankly, it was lucky to be there.


2- "Whiplash"  (BAFTA, Oscar)

1- "American Sniper"  (Oscar)

1- "Birdman"  (CAS)

1- "Big Hero 6"  (CAS)

1- "Gone Girl"  (HFA)

1- "Starred Up"  (EFA)


OSCAR REACTIONS:  No "Birdman" and no "Under the Skin" made this category wide open.  I predicted that double nominee Alexandre Desplat would get his votes split between "The Grand Budapest Hotel" and "The Imitation Game."  I figured there was room for Golden Globe winner Johann Johannson to sneak in for the win with "The Theory of Everything."  Desplat pulled out the win for "The Grand Budapest Hotel."  The first person to congratulate him and shake his hand?  Then-fellow eight-time Oscar nominee Hans Zimmer, who is the best film composer working today who has never won an Oscar.  At some point, his number has to be called. 


8- Antonio Sanchez- "Birdman"  (STL, AUS, LV, PHX, EDA, DEN, IA, CC)

8- Mica Levi- "Under the Skin"  (DC, BO, LA, Chicago, IND, EFA, FL, London)

3- Alexandre Desplat- "The Grand Budapest Hotel"  (CO, HOU, BAFTA, Oscar)

2- Hans Zimmer- "Interstellar"  (DFW, GA)

2- Jonny Greenwood- "Inherent Vice"  (Boston, LA)

1- Johann Johannsson- "The Theory of Everything"  (Globe)

1- James Newton Howard- "Nightcrawler"  (SD)

1- Alexandre Desplat- "The Imitation Game"  (HFA)


OSCAR PREDICTIONS:  In my opinion this was the lightning rod category and race of the night.  Two schools of thought and honor clashed.  That and everyone is as bad and harsh of an amateur music critic as they are at being an armchair movie critic.  Smugness and ugliness comes out, really.  You either loved "Everything is Awesome" and yawned at "Glory" or you rolled your eyes at "Everything is Awesome" and (equal to many audience members) wiped tears away with "Glory."  The implications were huge and the data was tied.  With "Selma" not even close to winning Best Picture, this was its only other nomination and chance at winning an Oscar in a year where the glaring and critical spotlight was on the lack of minority nominees.  With the huge snub in the Best Animated Feature category, this was the only shot for "The LEGO Movie" too.  Someone was going to go home empty-handed.  Last night, classic themes trumped innovative energy and "Glory" came out on top.  I think the right song and the right movie won.


5- "Glory" by John Legend and Common from "Selma"  (AA, Globe, GA, CC, Oscar)

4- "Everything is Awesome" by The Lonely Island from "The LEGO Movie"  (PHX, DEN, HOU, IA) 

1- "What is Love" by Janelle Monae from "Rio"  (HFA)

1- "I Love You All" by Stephen Rennicks from "Frank"  (LV)


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