MEDIA APPEARANCE #3: Guest on "Day at the Movies" weekly radio show!



Fans of the website will know that "Every Movie Has a Lesson" frequently collaborates with "Day at the Movies" run by Lubbock, Texas blogger  +Tim Day.  We commonly compare our reviews, interests, projects, and tastes to both of our groups of followers.  As a staff member of Lubbock Christian University, Tim hosts a one-hour weekly radio show on Chap Radio to showcase "Day at the Movies" and share his opinions on recent theatrical releases, upcoming films, the latest movie gossip, new Netflix and Redbox recommendations, and much more.

It's Oscar week, folks!  The 86th Academy Awards are this Sunday and two cinephiles got together to talk trends and make some picks.  On February 24th, I was a special guest on the show as we discussed our Oscar predictions.  My 2014 Awards Tracker was put on the spot to share a little data as well.  Hear us lay out the favorites and help you win your Oscar pool!  Concurrently, we throw down the gauntlet to Tim's guest next week, The Sleepy Skunk, aka Louis Plamandon, another film commentator who's a self-anointed Oscar guru.

As before, I know it's just college radio, but this counts as my third media appearance as "Every Movie Has a Lesson."  Thank you for this opportunity, once again, Tim!  


To subscribe or download the podcasts of Tim's weekly "Day at the Movies" program, where I will very likely be a guest again, head over to this subscription link at iTunes.  Thanks for listening.  Enjoy your Oscar night!

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