MEDIA APPEARANCE: Guest on "Day at the Movies" weekly radio show!


If you've been following my webpage over the last year or so, you've likely heard me share my experiences in getting to know +Tim Day, a fellow movie blogger from Lubbock, Texas who writes on "Day at the Movies."  He calls me the "Siskel to his Ebert" and we've been able to compare our views, collaborate on projects, and share our love of movies to both our audiences via Facebook.  Recently, as a staff member of Lubbock Christian University, Tim has acquired a one-hour weekly radio show on Chap Radio to showcase "Day at the Movies" and share his opinions on recent theatrical releases, upcoming films, the latest movie gossip, new Netflix and Redbox recommendations, and much more.

This past week, on his third show, I was invited by Tim as a call-in guest for the show on a segment about our favorite football films, in honor of the return of the NFL season.  We dissected a few of my all-time Top 10 of the genre and offered recommendations of underseen gems.  Though it may just be college radio, this goes down as my first-ever media appearance as "Every Movie Has a Lesson" and I was honored to be called upon.  Talking movies and football was a great deal of fun.

To subscribe or download the podcasts of Tim's weekly "Day at the Movies" program, where I will very likely be a guest again, head over to this subscription link at iTunes.  Thanks for listening!