In February 2016, I was cordially invited to become one of the founding directors and members of the newly formed Chicago Independent Film Critics Circle.  We feel like there is room or two professional groups in the big pond of Chicago.  The CIFCC is an exciting new film and entertainment critics association looking to add diversity to film criticism across all platforms to a larger bank of writers, all with a goal to spotlight both independent and mainstream film. 

In January 2017, I answered an open call for guest bloggers on the Feelin' Film podcast website, an excellent movie program based out in Washington.  One of their co-founders, Aaron White, and I interact in many of the same film geek circles on Facebook.  Comparing our crafts and voices, he liked my pitch and niche of life lessons and brought me aboard.  Each week on Feelin' Film, I present a weekly column entitled "What Did We Learn This Week" where I editorialize between waxing poetically and hot-taking my way through the movie news and trends of the week with five unique life lessons.  Give their site a like and a follow of social media.  I may just be one of their podcast guests in the future!

In late August 2016, I was recruited by a talent scout to join the network.  Their authors produce original content that can be selected for promotion on their main international sites of Movie Pilot, Now Loading, and Champions.  Here's the hoping playing in the minor leagues can get a few of my pieces promoted to the big stage.  Please head over to to like and follow my author page!

Close to my hometown, my movie reviews also get officially published through the Southland Voice, a bi-weekly free community newspaper serving the communities within southern Cook and eastern Will counties in the south Chicagoland area.  I've had more than a few fellow former Peotone Blue Devils "find me" while perusing the publication.  If you see a copy at a storefront, pick it up and look for "Every Movie Has a Lesson."  I've been serving them since 2011.

In February 2016, I followed a marketing colleague's suggestions and added as another platform and outlet.  Writers can write their own stories straight on that site or import from their blog.  The posts are linked and blasted through social media connections, so hopefully it adds viewership and exposure.  Occasionally, my pieces are picked up and fronted by large "publication" groups on Medium that want to collect work to present for their audiences.  It's a smooth and easy place to operate.  Search "Every Movie Has a Lesson" and add me as one of the authors you follow!

In October 2015, I was approached to join a startup website called BAG Movies.  Their slogan is "Live is Short, Don't Watch Crap,"  Here, contributors and critics, such as myself, sing a social media approach are invited to share their ranks, reviews, and lists on film and TV titles.  Algorithms compile those reviews together for scoring and custom recommendation lists to the site's users and followers.  Seek me out as "EveryMovieHasaLesson" and be one of my followers on this exciting new platform.  Build your own profile today and see what all of the fuss is about.   I like what they are going for and stand for.

From August 2010 to July 2016, I submitted my work to as a "Chicago Film Examiner." This is where my work gets was officially published with pageview traffic an subscriber compensation.  Sadly, the site is closed now, but an archive of my work can be found here.  

My "Movie Classroom" video reviews (begun in July of 2014) are hosted on Vimeo.  It is a smooth video site to tap into for views, followers, and exposure.  Please follow and subscribe to my Vimeo page!  I need to keep trying new avenues than just writing with my reviews. 


"Every Movie Has a Lesson" has its own Facebook page where I post my content links, share movie news, promote movie trailers, and talk all things film circulating through social media among friends and followers.  Participate in my daily themes like "Hater Wednesdays" and "Meme Mondays"

Finally, from time to time, I do attempt to post and share some of my reviews, editorials, and other writing content on Reddit.  I will also follow and boost works from other friends and collaborators on the site.  It's an outreach outlet of mine that is slowing becoming more fruitful and popular.  Feel free "up-vote" posts when possible.