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MOVIE REVIEW: Brad's Status

For better or worse, Brad’s Status, speaks from a very insulated and ostentatious point of view, that of the taboo term of “white privilege.”  Even dramatized for soft realistic fiction, Mike White’s feature directorial debut tries to be a wakeup call of sorts.  The dramedy carries a message, a fair and good one mind you, but one that will, unfortunately, fall on multiple deaf ears.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Concussion

Any time a film about a real-life whistleblower steps into view, the central question almost always becomes "Is it really true?"  Audiences are commonly kind to a good human interest story of this sort, especially when it is spun into an entertaining drama or comedy.  However, they are equally quick to disown one that stretches its claims of truth too far.  Knowing that dramatization will always be a prominent ingredient in these types of films "based on a true story," we have to settle for asking "Is it true enough?"  Such is the weighty burden of "Concussion," starring Will Smith and directed by Peter Landesman.

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MOVIE REVIEW: The Skeleton Twins

Thanks to their outstanding careers on "Saturday Night Live," Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig are completely recognized, celebrated, and even typecast as total comedic performers.  We've never seen them do real drama until "The Skeleton Twins."  The success of your like or dislike of the film will come from your desire to either want more comedy or not believe the drama.

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