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MEDIA APPEARANCE: David Ehrlich's IndieWire Critics Survey on June 25, 2019

THIS WEEK'S QUESTION: With 2019 almost half-over, what is the best movie performance of the year so far?

With June soon swooning to July, critics will start making their halfway and “so far” lists of films and performances. David Ehrlich put performances on the table to measure for this week’s survey and an outstanding list was built. I love the selection of Lupita Nyong’o from Us. She would be my 1A choice, but I was wowed this weekend by Ann Lupo in a little movie call In Reality which just won the top award of the debut Rom Com Fest in Los Angeles. Give this week’s survey a look.

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MEDIA APPEARANCE: Guest on the "Kicking the Seat" podcast talking "Toy Story 4"

It with Ian Simmons of the Kicking the Seat podcast where I no longer feel like an island after watching and review Toy Story 4. He and I sat next to each other at the screening and both shared a great deal of chagrin afterwards. We put that together for his latest podcast episode against the positive interventions of David Fowlie of Keeping It Reel and Emmanuel Noisette of E-Man’s Movie Reviews. In addition to talking out the highs and lows of the movie, I was invited to share my experience this past week of being one of the extremely few “Rotten” Rotten Tomatoes reviews for Toy Story 4. Great conversations here for my 20th appearance on Ian’s fine sh Give it a listen!

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EVENT: Scenes from the "Toy Story 4" Ultimate RV event at Navy Pier

This past Friday in Chicago, the “Toy Story 4” Ultimate RV event came to Polk Plaza area of Navy Pier. Sponsored by, the movie-themed event had an alluring array of free activities. Contestants young and old could spin wheels, take selfies with “Forky,” toss snakes into boots, or throw rings around rockets to win various prizes, Toy Story swag, and even Fandango vouchers for free movie tickets. Every Movie Has a Lesson (and my eager family) was able to get an early peek at the festivities and wanted to share some sights and sounds from the sunny display on a perfect June morning, just in time for the movie’s box office debut.

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MEDIA APPEARANCE: David Ehrlich's IndieWire Critics Survey on June 18, 2019

THIS WEEK'S QUESTION: Best animation studio. Ghibli or Pixar. Pick one and only one and why.

Full disclosure: I’ve never seen a Studio Ghibli film, but I know their reputation and impact. I know what they stand for and how much they have inspired other creators, including the fine folks at Pixar. With Pixar settling too often for sequels lately (and this was before Toy Story 4), I feel like a small measure of their quality and importance has faded or shrunk a little. I voted on principle in the blind to what I felt was more important.

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EVENT: "Toy Story 4" Ultimate RV comes to Chicago's Navy Pier this Friday

Sponsored by GoRVing, the “Toy Story 4” RV is rolling into Chicago’s Navy Pier and bringing the ultimate summer road trip event on Friday, June 21 from 10am to 2pm. With the release of Pixar’s newest family film, start your summer off right with Woody and the gang with a carnival including the “To Infinity and Beyond” rocket ring toss, “There’s a Snake in My Boot” bean bag toss, a prize wheel with “Toy Story 4” plush prizes and tickets to see the film in theaters. Guests can also jump in the “Forky photo booth” to take a picture featuring the gang’s newest friend to join the fun.

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MEDIA APPEARANCE: Guest on the "Kicking the Seat" podcast talking "Men in Black: International"

Three-fourths of the “comic counsel” crew of Ian' Simmons’ Kicking the Seat podcast came together to talk after F. Gary Gray’s Men in Black: International. Emmanuel Noisette of E-Man’s Movie Reviews, Ian, and myself vented on how this summer is not making lemonade with the lemons that have been rolling through this summer. Our surprise and exasperation really shows from the retread tone and mostly vacant fun of this franchise reboot. Listen to our podcast session and commit it to memory!

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NEWS UPDATE: "Every Movie Has a Lesson" has joined 25YL

In my social media circles of participation, I discovered members of the website 25YL, which is short for “25 Years Later.” They specialize in theory and analysis across personal experiences and creative influences spanning all sorts of media forms and genres. I answered an open call for writers and my press credential standing here in Chicago helps me see films early and give the site timely content. Look for my mainstream and Netflix Original film reviews appearing often as a staff writer.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Mapped: The Real Life Settings Of Your Fave Fictional Characters

The setting for a good story is as crucial as the characters that inhabit it. Wherever that fictional place may be; be it small town America or the dark and brooding alleys of Gotham City, the key factor is always believability. With that in mind, it's no surprise that some of the most famous movie, TV and comic book locations were inspired by real life locations. The fine folks at Vibrant Doors have scoured the internet (and our comic book collection), following the clues and fan theories to pinpoint the real life locations of some of fiction's greatest places. Enjoy!

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INFOGRAPHIC: The films of Bill Murray

Folks, let me introduce you again to John Rooney. He is an illustrator from Ireland. Last year, John complete a project in which he watched every single Nicolas Cage film for 89 days and did a caricature sketch for each role. The results of range and variety are striking and I was happy to promote his work with a post here on Every Movie Has a Lesson. He is back again with a new piece on Bill Murray, right in time for The Dead Don’t Die. His phenomenal work is worth sharing below and a his art is available for sale on Etsy!

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MEDIA APPEARANCE: David Ehrlich's IndieWire Critics Survey on June 10, 2019

THIS WEEK'S QUESTION: What is the best movie ever about TV?

This week’s pick for me was an instant no-brainer. Sidney Lumet’s masterpiece satire has evolved from being a sarcastic time capsule to a modern-day cautionary tale we’re nearly living. I do have to love these other picks included this week and I most especially need to clear out that blind spot for Broadcast News. Summer break can’t get her soon enough.

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MEDIA APPEARANCE: Guest on the "Kicking the Seat" podcast talking "Dark Phoenix"

The “comic counsel” dais of Ian' Simmons’ Kicking the Seat podcast was burnt to the ground and resurrected from the ashes at the ShowPlace ICON X theater after watching the culminating send-off that was supposed to be Dark Phoenix, the final Fox X-Men film. David Fowlie of Keeping it Reel, Emmanuel Noisette of E-Man’s Movie Reviews, myself, and four hot new microphones makes this post-film discussion sizzle. Come and enjoy our back-and-forth. Critic and proud!

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MEDIA APPEARANCE: David Ehrlich's IndieWire Critics Survey on June 3, 2019

THIS WEEK'S QUESTION: What is the best movie cameo ever?

Keanu Reeves just got done dropping jaws and metaphysical truths in Netflix’s Always Be My Maybe this past weekend. It got David Ehrlich to wonder was was the best cameo ever. I was heartset on Alec Baldwin from Glengarry Glen Ross, but he’s technically a billed member of the cast. After that, it came down to Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder or Christopher Walken in Pulp Fiction. You can read my pick and criteria below from the survey article. Many great picks from the other critics boost the list!

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INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Famous Places You Can Stay From the Movies

We’ve all used movies to escape. But what if you could take that escape and make it real? Often movie scenes are set in real places that you can do more than visit, you can even spend an entire night. Take a trip beyond the confines of your living room or local theater and spend a night in a place you thought you could only visit on-screen. Courtesy of, here are those hot spots!

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MEDIA APPEARANCE: David Ehrlich's IndieWire Critics Survey on May 28, 2019

THIS WEEK'S QUESTION: What is the worst movie ever and why?

Not too many critics are taking too kindly to Disney re-imagined Aladdin. I see the appeal, but it’s far from a great remake. That said, it’s far from the worst too. By golly, have there been some stinkers. This week’s IndieWire critics survey from David Ehrlich polled for the ugliest of the ugly and got ten selections. For the second survey in a row, I went to the 1990s, this time for Gus Van Sant’’s reviled Psycho remake. Misguided isn’t even the beginning of it. Any other choice here was going to be a distant second for me.

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EDITORIAL: Movie Casino Cheats

There’s a very good reason why casinos make an appearance in so many films. They contain all the elements needed for a gripping drama. They’re naturally glamorous locations filled with the beautiful and wealthy, where fortunes being won or lost on the turn of a card or the spin of a roulette wheel. Last, but not least, they give the hero of the film the chance to use their wits or skill to get the better of both the casino and the other players who are pitted against them.

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MEDIA APPEARANCE: Guest on the "Kicking the Seat" podcast talking "John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum"

With guns blazing and some fun editing, Ian Simmons of Kicking the Seat was kind enough to invite me for his podcast roundtable for John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum. I came into this as a neophyte where I hadn’t seen any of this series before prepping for the third. David Fowlie of Keeping it Reel and Emmanuel Noisette of E-Man’s Movie Reviews and to this circle and we all approach this one quite uniquely. Reload with us and enjoy the critiques!

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MEDIA APPEARANCE: David Ehrlich's IndieWire Critics Survey on May 13, 2019

THIS WEEK'S QUESTION: What is the best Keanu Reeves performance and how does it speak to his unique persona?

With the third John Wick film dropping this week, the question was an easy softball matching the film’s star. Keanu Reeves has had one interesting and steady career. The peaks are far spaced between his breakout with Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Speed, The Matrix, and John Wick, but he’s as steady as they come. I went with the dark and seedy stuff that made him break his deadpan persona for my survey pick. Second place would have been the little-seen The Watcher where Reeves plays an enigmatic serial killer.

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MEDIA APPEARANCE: Participant in "World of Reel" Critics Poll for Best Films of the 2010s

As I grow with press credentials and professional affiliation locally and nationally, I find myself more and more landing and conversing in circles with other film critics of various levels. Much like the David Ehrlich survey I participate in, I answered an open social media call from Jordan Ruimy of World of Reel. He is a fellow Rotten Tomatoes-approved critic who also has contributed to The Young Folks, The Playlist, We Got This Covered, and The Film Stage. His poll was to collect the Top 5 films of the 2010s from critics and other industry folk. I was honored to chime in with my quintet.

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