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MOVIE REVIEW: The Beguiled

The transitive verb “beguile,” as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, means “to engage the interest of” or “lead by deception.”  Hoodwink and divert are synonyms.  Director Sofia Coppola’s remake of The Beguiled means to charm our corsets and britches off right in line with its title’s root definition.  Methodically and dastardly, the film wishes to seduce us with a heightened intrigue of challenged sexual repression.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Ghostbusters

The success of a remake, reboot, or sequel is contingent upon matching the tone of the original work to the best of its ability.  If a film gets that tone right, it can be a drastic revision full of changes and updates and still feel respectfully aware and in tune with the previous well-remembered greatness the new film is trying to emulate.  I stand by that rationale and now bring that gauge to “Ghostbusters” and the wave of misguided hatred that follows it.  I say misguided because the overprotective nostalgia and/or sexist gender complaints are false sources of this film’s problems.

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