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MEDIA APPEARANCE: Discussing July and the top films of 2017 on the "Reel Talker" podcast

Fellow CIFCC critic and director Jim Alexander of Reel Talker extended the invitation for me to co-host a new episode of his podcast.  On this installment of the Reel Talker podcast, Jim and I discuss the July movie releases and which we consider hits or flops.  Also, he and I disclose our Top 10 movie lists through the halfway point of 2017.  Jim and I had very different picks, chock full of surprises!

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MEDIA APPEARANCE: Guest on Episode 4 of the "Reel Talker" podcast hosted by Jim Alexander

In Episode 4 of the new Reel Talker podcast, fellow CIFCC director Jim Alexander and I discuss The Mummy,  I, Daniel Blake, My Cousin Rachel, and It Comes at Night newly arriving to theaters.  In part two, we talk about the week's new Blu-ray/DVD releases and hot topic movie trends from the week.  Listen and enjoy!

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MEDIA APPEARANCE: Guest on Episode 3 of the "Reel Talker" podcast hosted by Jim Alexander

Episode 3 of the Reel Talker Podcast is all about Wonder Woman. I was invited again to join Jim Alexander, my fellow co-founder and co-director of the Chicago Independent Film Critics Circle.  Jim brings up his frustrations with the early Wonder Woman critic reactions while I discuss my favorite moments of the film and why I think it can be an inspirational movie. We also debate where Wonder Woman ranks among DC movies. All that and more in the Reel Talker podcast!

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